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We are passionately committed to quality which is demonstrated by producing proved designs, manufactured from the best available materials and systems, which conform to each customer unique requirements.

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About Lsitja Glass & Aluminium

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We provide world class installations of architectural fixtures for commercial & residential projects. We are a well established company with over 10 years experience in the supply and fitment of aluminium doors, windows, stacker doors as well as glass products and frame-less showers and doors. We manufacture and fabricate our products using the highest quality materials.

Installation of architectural fixtures

Architectural fixtures are generally installed to provide uniform, general illumination to a living space. They can also be used to provide light in transitional spaces. They can be built-in systems, mounted horizontally on the wall, ceiling, or on top of cabinets; a shielding board (also referred to as fascia) should conceal direct views of the lamp. These fixtures usually contain high-quality fluorescent tubes. It is important to emphasize that not all fluorescent tubes buzz, provide poor color rendering, or cause headaches.

Bulletproof Glass Installation

This sophisticated product range is lightweight, thin, and effective in applications and effective in applications where enhanced performance and weight reduction is of paramount importance. Composite glass constructions feature a combination of polycarbonate, acrylic, PET, and enhanced performing PVB Interlayers. No spall and increased ballistic/anti vandal properties ensure superior performance consistently. Products can be customised according to application and deliver superior bullet resistance and high security glazing.

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