Some of our Work

Installation of architectural fixtures

Architectural fixtures are generally installed to provide uniform, general illumination to a living space. They can also be used to provide light in transitional spaces. They can be built-in systems, mounted horizontally on the wall, ceiling, or on top of cabinets; a shielding board (also referred to as fascia) should conceal direct views of the lamp. These fixtures usually contain high-quality fluorescent tubes. It is important to emphasize that not all fluorescent tubes buzz, provide poor color rendering, or cause headaches..

Bulletproof Glass Installation

This sophisticated product range is lightweight, thin, and effective in applications and effective in applications where enhanced performance and weight reduction is of paramount importance. Composite glass constructions feature a combination of polycarbonate, acrylic, PET, and enhanced performing PVB Interlayers. No spall and increased ballistic/anti vandal properties ensure superior performance consistently. Products can be customised according to application and deliver superior bullet resistance and high security glazing.

Low – E Glass Installation & Supply

Our Low-E building glass range efficiently adds to your home’s comfort all year-round. ‘Low-E’ refers to ‘low thermal emissivity glass’ which provides better insulation than standard glass. You can now use more glass in a new home, or retrofit our glass in your existing home to maximise views and increase comfort all year round.

Aluminium doors

Aluminium doors are offered in many variations like folding doors, sliding doors, hinged doors.

Glass & Aluminium

We specialise in sliding, top hung, side hung, vertical, 700 series, 1000 series and 4500 series & many more.

Casement Windows

Broken glass, Stuck or broken windows, Damage or rot repair, Replacing single glazed units with double glazed units, Heritgae or modern window furniture, Draught sealing, Repairing damaged timber frames, Replacement window, Replacment sills & Complete bespoke window replacment service

Aluminium Doors

Vista Folds, stacker doors, palace sliding doors, patio sliding doors, single and double hinged doors, 4500 Euro Sliding doors & Euro Top hung Vista Folds

Frameless Glass

Precision engineered, seamless glass doors. Elegant and simple to use. Quality guaranteed.Categories:Frameless Glass Stacking Doors, Frameless Sliding Doors. Good Quality.

Glass Decorations

The best glass decorations in Johannesburg with superior precision and quality.


We manufacture and install shopfronts in a wide variety of styles, both internal shopfronts – in malls and office blocks – as well as external shopfronts for banks, shopping centres, showrooms and independent retail stores.

Double Glazed Glass

Double glazing in windows, doors and shopfronts greatly enhances interior climates and reduces heating and cooling costs.


Secure Your Home or Business with Trellidor’s super quality Security Shutters, Retractable Security Gates & Burglar Bars. Gain Complete Peace of Mind today!

Putty Glazing

Are your windows properly sealed? Can you feel cold air if your place your hand against the sides of the pane on a cold evening? The window putty may be dry and cracked, leaving the glass unstable in the frame. You can get in touch with us for repairs within a day.

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